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Individual Tax Strategies

Tax help for every stage of your life
If you haven't looked at your tax strategy lately, chances are, you need an update. Virtually every life event affects your tax planning... a new job, marriage, divorce, children, purchase of a home or property, investments, the loss of a spouse...even retirement planning should be evaluated to minimize tax implications.  

Even more confusing are the tax laws, which change frequently. The best choices for your tax planning today could be ineffective in the years to come.

We provide the tax guidance you need to stay on course through life changes. You can rely on us for expert answers to your tax questions with full confidence that your decisions will be based on current tax laws. We will help you claim the lowest legal tax liability, with a personal tax planning strategy based on your financial picture.

Income Tax Return Preparation
You may be surprised how painless tax time becomes once you have a year-round tax strategy in place. In addition, we provide a yearly tax organizer that is a valuable guide to compiling the documents required for your individual return.

We are experienced at preparing all forms, both federal and state for both U.S. citizens and non-resident aliens.  

Individual Tax Planning
Our tax planning services are designed to help you limit your personal tax liability while saving you time and money.

- Organize your tax affairs to eliminate stress and surprises at income tax time

- Ensure that your withholdings are adequate

- Optimize your tax deductions

- Highly qualified support if tax controversies arise


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