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Tax controversy- Helping you solve tax problems

IRS problems, tax audits, tax court litigation...Vittax Advisory can guide you through tax controversy issues with the goal of a quick and amicable resolution. We will work with you to determine the best course of action to avoid costly and public litigation, however, if the need arises, we are fully qualified to represent your interests in United States Tax Court.

Client Representation
If tax controversy issues ever arise, you will have a qualified and skilled tax professional at your side. Richard L. Vitraelli is an expert in taxation law, one of less than 250 non-attorneys admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court by virtue of a special bar exam. He is also Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service.  

He will work with you to analyze any tax controversy and guide you through resolution of IRS problems with due diligence, courtesy, and respect.

We assist with tax problems related to:

- Non-filing of income tax returns

- Internal Revenue Service letters

- Income tax audits

- Internal Revenue Service collections

- Income tax penalties

- Internal Revenue Service Appeal of audit results

- U.S. Tax Court representation



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